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IDR Investment Management (“IDR”), a registered investment advisor, is a subsidiary of USAA Real Estate, one of the industry’s premier real estate investment firms. As an investment management firm, IDR is focused on core multi-manager private real estate strategies and currently has over $3.1 billion in assets under management.

IDR is widely recognized as a pioneer in private real estate indexing. Its breakthrough innovations and patented asset management process have earned the confidence of institutional investors and wealth managers alike.

As a private real estate investment management firm, our philosophy has remained steadfast since we opened our doors in 2006. We believe it is our consistent process that allows us to deliver the portfolio stability and investment outcomes our clients have come to expect through all market cycles.  

A distinguishing factor of our team is our ability to use technology in unique ways to create distinctive strategies that offer investors solutions they may not find elsewhere. For example, three of the most common concerns expressed among private real estate investors relate to fees, transparency, and liquidity.

Unconstrained by the status quo as an investment manager, we chose to address these challenges and spent three years testing and developing a unique, patented algorithmic process and strategy to help solve the objections.

They Said It Could Not Be Done

You may remember the skepticism a notable upstart mutual fund company experienced in the 1970s when introducing the first index fund.  Similarly, our IDR team faced a long line of industry experts who said it would be impossible to develop a private real estate strategy that could track and replicate the performance of the largest and most widely recognized institutional managers in the U.S.

They Were Wrong

See how our approach to solving investor challenges helps drive the private real estate strategies we offer.

Private Real Estate

The Asset Class Worth Knowing

Why Private Real Estate?

Many investors recognize the diversification benefit of owning real estate in an investment portfolio and often access the asset class through the public markets using REITs, real estate mutual funds, and ETFs. Unfortunately, these publicly-traded strategies are often subject to the influences of market movements, performing similarly to equities and failing to provide the intended portfolio diversity.

However, private real estate is considered a true uncorrelated asset class, which is one reason why so many institutions and family offices favor it as a crucial part of an investment portfolio. Also, private real estate has shown to provide superior income returns over time compared to REITs, stocks, and bonds, and it can be an effective hedge against inflation1.

IDR focuses exclusively on the private real estate market and believes that an effective core real estate portfolio should include all the major real estate asset classes. This type of portfolio diversification is what investors desire, and the private markets are uniquely positioned to deliver it.

Learn about our strategies and how private real estate may be appropriate for your investment portfolio by contacting us at 216-622-0004.

1: NCREIF NFI-ODCE Index, 15 year correlation to S&P, as of March 31, 2021

USAA Real Estate and IDR

Aligned Interests, Common Vision

What happens when you connect a premier institutional private real estate investment firm with nearly four decades of experience (USAA Real Estate) with a boutique private real estate asset management firm renowned for its innovative investment strategies and consistent performance (IDR)?

You get an aligned interest that expands the reach of IDR’s investment strategies beyond institutional investors to include wealth managers and their clients. Leveraging USAA Real Estate’s Private Wealth Division, IDR now has access to vast resources and expertise that are essential in meeting the needs of investment advisors.

The values which USAA Real Estate has lived by for close to 40 years – service, honesty, loyalty, and integrity – are values shared by IDR. Together, the two companies have a common vision: a commitment to providing investor value and improving investment outcomes.

Today, IDR is a Registered Investment Advisor and a subsidiary of USAA Real Estate.

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